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SAE text file log to spreadsheet


I need software that will log in to a server via telnet and run a script to produce a text file and then place the data into an excel workbook template (known as a build). Ideally I would like a simple front end application (VB perhaps) to do this with. I need to restrict people using it so I need to be able to add users and some with limited access and one as root user. The limited users with be limited by the element name e.g. the name is HTPSAE01 but I might want to restrict users to HTP* or HTPSAE0* (* being a wild card) for example except the root/Admin user. So I need to be able to specify this as an add on file before sending the software or having a generic software limiting all functions and requiring a config file that is password protected itself so I can modify and send to different people as required. I need to be able to add an element list, pulldown menu for example where people can add the name e.g. HTFSWE01 and IP address so it can be selected and then you can log in via telnet. It should also be possible to select the sheets you want to audit in case you do not want to audit or retrieve all data. I would also like to be able to compare work books. If I had a work book and we made config changes I might want to create a new build and then compare it to the previous build. Any differences would be marked in red. additional entries could be marked dark orange and additional entries in light orange. At the end of the workbook there should be a Summary and hyperlink to the tab. I can provide examples.

What I need is for the software to interrogate an excel workbook template which has pre defined tables (although I will need them changed) and to take a value from a cell (not for all) and then run a command via telnet, interrogate the output and then fill out the predefined tables with the contents or a part of the contents as required. Or a complete log is taken and then interrogate and extract to the workbook.

I have attached an excel workbook (HTPSAE01_v0_32_with_input 2) with comments. This workbook is the template I need. I will need to combine some tables and change slightly before work takes place on this. In tab General you will see in column A marked in blue that there is a command RTRV-PKG-VER; In column G I have inserted a comment which shows the command entry and output (columns need to be adjusted for easy viewing) You will see how this output is in the workbook already. So this data needs to be taken from the output and put into the excel sheet. The commands in column A in blue shouldn't be visible in the workbook though. Any commands that start with XRTRV need root access and not all users can do this so if an error is returned we need to take care of this with a note like "no user privilege" or something like that. There may also be one or more RTRV commands that also produce this error. I will see what the output says if run and the error returned can be used in the note perhaps.

In tab DCN you will see the commands:



Now in column B perhaps it's best to have the command as:



I will have to check the command again because it could be that I have to also specify the port in the command so it might be RTRV-ETHR-INF:NODE=,PORT=; etc. I will check on this but there should be the possibility to do this.

Also in the DCN tab there is command RTRV-MGMT-ROUTE:NODE=ALL; As this is not configured it would be good to have a comment like "NO REQUESTED DATA" in G25 as per output.

I have added file SAE Auditing comments for more comments.

This project will require continual support as things change and updates are required. I also have other projects so if work is efficient and reasonably priced I think there may be a lot of further work.

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