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$20 USD / giờ
faisalabad, pakistan
$20 USD / giờ
Hiện ở đây là 12:11 CH
Đã tham gia vào ngày tháng 11 26, 2022
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Maryam A.


5,0 (1 nhận xét)
$20 USD / giờ
faisalabad, pakistan
$20 USD / giờ
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⭐Determination > Quality Sol > Your Satisfactions⭐

My Goal is: ✅ Determinations of project requirements ✅ Best effort and quality for every project at a reasonable rate ($) ✅ Will provide a unique quality and well-explained [Video + Documentically] ✅ The project perfectly within the shortest possible time ✅ The job will be considered completed after your full satisfaction ✅ Free servicing facility even after completing the project. ✔ I’m a Unique Solutions Engineer with experience and a master-level approach to electronics mechanics computer manufacturing with great quality vision, a Master's degree in Robotics Engineering, and 8+ years of R&D experience. Please goto through my portfolio. ✔ As a researcher and leader, I'm always striving to solve challenging problems and deliver the highest quality of services. This is the main spirit of my services. ✔ I offer mechanical and electrical design support to get your products and manufacturing line where you want them to be. Plus, I will create 3D simulations of your design so you can get an accurate look at the final product. ✔ Specialize in all major robot manufacturers, including ABB, FANUC, KUKA, Motoman, Kawasaki, Omron, and Comau Robotics, provide experts in all aspects including simulation, commissioning, integration, optimization, production support, and maintenance/refurbishment. No matter the difficulty, you can trust our technicians to get the job done efficiently to eliminate downtime and get your company back to full operations. ✔ Provide programming services for multiple controllers like Arduino, raspberry pie, beagleborn, Xilinx, FPGA, Pic, Atmel, Motorolla, Toshiba, and PLC, etc. Get your equipment to perform the way you want it to with my expert programming skills. ✔ I am on Pro level in MATLAB and I can deliver the best quality level work as: ⭐ Have the ability to solve simple to advance to the most complex projects. ⭐ Well commented [Easy for understandable] with a detailed description. [Like why …? What….? To whom…? For…? Input….? Output….? Process...? etc. explanations]. ⭐ Wil provides videos of detailed demonstrations and running of your full project. ⭐ Will give you a detailed Report [Technical level to any Templates like IEEE, APA, MLA, Chicago, etc]. ⭐ Any other services will also be provided on demand. ✔ I will create pro PCB design and schematics I will deliver a professional PCB design for your projects. Designer in RF, Impedance control, EMI/EMC, Signal Integrity, High-Speed Designs, FPGA, DRAM, BGA designing standards-based and professional PCB layout for industry standards - Internationally working with companies from all over. And many more... ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐100% Satisfaction Guaranteed ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ [Refund you back if there is no satisfaction.] So you can hire me for any of your work .................
Freelancer Arduino Engineers Pakistan

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Mục portfolio

A project using MapleSIM modeling software at the University is helping to perfect the process of humanoid walking in robots. MapleSIM is a
High Performance Modeling Helps Robot Take a Step
Advance Mars type rover
Military's Robotic tank
perfectly done
Robot Tank
perfectly done
Robot Tank
perfectly done
Robot Tank
A Novel Design and Implementation of Autonomous Robotic Car Based on ROS in Indoor Scenario
A Novel Design and Implementation of Autonomous Robotic Car
Have basic sensors for distance and axis detection
Run wirelessly without requiring wired network, usb or power cables but is still controllable (wifi)
Get the Robot walking and have other working movements
Combine Sensors and movements, walk with obstacle avoidance
Allow interaction and collaboration between the Nao and my Raspberry PI robot
Have dynamic walking capability
Building a Raspberry PI Humanoid Robot in Java

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€8,00 EUR
Very fast and very great work. If I will have any more problems I will contact him again.
Arduino Coding Programming
Avatar người dùng
Cờ của Matej M. @matejm32
4 tháng trước

Kinh nghiệm

Research and development Engineer

P.O.F. (R&D)
thg 9 2020 - Hiện tại
Serving as a Research and development Engineer

Học vấn

Master in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan 2018 - 2020
(2 năm)

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical, Electronics

National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan 2014 - 2018
(4 năm)

Bằng cấp

5G Base Station Antenna

Ansys Simulation Certification
5G unlocks a whole new world of ultrafast connectivity – connecting more people and more devices. 5G is changing how we live our lives. Some say over 1.1 billion devices will be connected by 2025. 5G is characterized by high speed, high bandwidth, and lower latency. With its new generation of technologies, 5G requires high-performing antennas.

Basics of Fluid Dynamics

Ansys Associate Certification
Certified Associated by 92% marks in exam

Robotics Integration with Arduino (ShieldBot)

Robotics Integration introduces students to situations where technicians receive multiple components of a robotics system that require assembly, installation, and debugging. Students learn how to integrate components such as a vision sensor (camera) system, breadboard, servo motors, and embedded microprocessors from multiple hardware vendors. The learner will "unpack and test" components and refine “robot navigation programming" through this curriculum

Nội dung đã đăng

Open data IEEE test systems implemented in SimPowerSystems R&D

presents three IEEE standardized power system benchmarks developed in SimPowerSystems, a MATLAB/Simulink package. The simulation models can be used for baselining and testing new control techniques and protection algorithms for renewable and micro grids integration studies. Analytical examples as well as static, time domain, and frequency analyses are presented to support the correctness of the implementation.

A MATLAB application for monitoring the operation and power quality of electrical machines

The MATLAB application communicates with the adjustable frequency AC drive via standard industrial communication protocols and open-source libraries in real-time in order to adjust IO parameters, such as the RMS V, RMS I, active P, speed, and torque. Designed to monitor power quality and to analyze the operation of the electrical machines by applying advanced techniques for prediction and correction of rotating electrical machines maintenance.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Rough services unmanned ground vehicles have a large number of applications.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UAV has a versatile platform on which we can perform and do multiple task for mankind

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s)

Defense Science Board
Arduino-based telecommunication subsystem that is capable of sending control commands to the UAV based on GSM or GPRS the most widely deployed cellular networks standard. During field trials control commands successfully transferred from a mobile phone as well as a laptop to the UAV autopilot, with an average time of 2.6 sec and 0.5 sec respectively. The proposed subsystem can be embedded independently or coexist with other control systems, contributing to a ubiquitous UAVs management system.

COIN: Counterfactual Image Generation for Visual Question Answering Interpretation

Due to the significant advancement of Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision-based models, Visual Question VQA systems are becoming more intelligent and advanced. Since quantitative metrics cannot be employed to evaluate the interpretability of the model, we carried out a user study to assess different aspects of our approach. In addition to interpreting the result of VQA models on single images, the obtained results and the discussion provides an extensive explanation of VQA models.

Fuzzy Edge-Detection as a Preprocessing Layer in Deep Neural Networks for Guitar Classification

Deep neural networks have demonstrated the capability of solving classification problems using hierarchical models. The focus of this investigation is to compare the effects of performing image-preprocessing techniques on raw data with different fuzzy edge-detection methods, specifically fuzzy Sobel, fuzzy Prewitt, and fuzzy morphological gradient, before feeding the images into a convolutional neural network to perform a classification task.

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