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$20 USD / giờ
Cờ của INDIA
lucknow, india
$20 USD / giờ
Hiện ở đây là 6:53 CH
Đã tham gia vào ngày tháng 11 28, 2020
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Deeksha S.


4,4 (2 nhận xét)
$20 USD / giờ
Cờ của INDIA
lucknow, india
$20 USD / giờ
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Legal advice | Contracts | Writing | Assistance

With more than three years of experience in the field, I am confident in my ability to provide excellent services in the following areas: -commercial, -corporate, -privacy, trademark, and copyright laws, -contract drafting, legal documentation -legal research, legal writing, and article writing. I understand the value of client satisfaction and strive to provide exceptional work and support. I am here to help you with a content license contract, a business management contract, or website compliance. Connect with me to learn how I can assist you with your legal and writing needs. Let us collaborate to achieve success. P.S. Don't hesitate to send me a note with any questions or concerns you may have.
Freelancer Employment Lawyers India

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Mục portfolio

Client Goal:
-The client's goal was to have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prepared for a transaction.
-The client was planning to get into exclusive dealing with the seller to initiate a new business venture.
-The client wanted to keep the details of the transaction confidential between both parties throughout the process.

My Contribution:
-My contribution included drafting a comprehensive and effective NDA that met the client's needs.
-I included clauses that protected the client's confidential information and prevented the seller from disclosing it to anyone else.
-I provided one-on-one consultations to the client, taking them through the contract, advising them, and answering any questions the client had.

Summary of Project Success:
-The project was successful as the client was able to obtain a well-drafted NDA for their business transaction.
-My legal expertise and ability to communicate effectively helped the client understand the legal advice and make informed decisions.
Legal Consultation-Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Legal Consultation-Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

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$249,00 USD
Great freelancer. I can recommend with no hesitation.
Employment Law Family Law Corporate Law Criminal Law
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Avatar người dùng
Cờ của George P. @ivanovpetrovian
3 tháng trước
$123,33 USD
Working with Deeksha was alright. The work was delivered but communication and support of delivery was less than expected. Acceptable work but not a team fit.
Employment Law Family Law Corporate Law Criminal Law
Thêm 1
Avatar người dùng
Cờ của Hunter T. @Trawick84
4 tháng trước

Kinh nghiệm

Legal Practitioner

Law Firm
thg 1 2021 - Hiện tại
Participation in both criminal and civil cases on an active basis. Drafted contracts and other legal papers successfully. Filing of documentation to the competent authority.

Legal Associate

Rlegal Law Firm
thg 9 2020 - thg 4 2021 (7 tháng, 1 ngày)
As part of my job, I had to write and review contracts, prepare documents to make sure the website followed the rules, make blogs for the firm's website, and do legal research for petitions, writs, and other things.

Case Reporter

thg 9 2020 - thg 2 2021 (5 tháng, 1 ngày)
My work consisted primarily of summarizing and evaluating court cases from the North Zone.

Bằng cấp

Diploma in Advance Contract Drafting and ADR

Addictive Learning
I learned about contract law and its applications. I established great communication skills to clearly and effectively communicate with clients, opposing attorneys, and other stakeholders. I learned how to write and audit contracts to avoid ambiguity, and how to use mediation and arbitration to resolve issues efficiently. I learned to negotiate, comprehend everyone's interests, and make mutually beneficial arrangements.

Certified training in Creative Writing

Through a variety of assignments, including but not limited to dialogue writing, story writing, and screenwriting, I was able to hone my skills in creative writing, proofreading, copywriting, editing, fiction, and nonfiction. Also, I passed with a grade of 91%.

Nội dung đã đăng

Delhi High Court Dismisses Appeal in a Case for Encashment of Bank Guarantees

In the case of United Constructions v UOI through dte. gen md accn project and anr. Justice Manmohan and Justice Sanjeev Narula held that no grounds were proven showing encashment of bank guarantees. Consequently, the present appeal was dismissed.

Delhi HC Refuses to Take Legal Action, States False Complaint u/s 376 of IPC

In the case of Jaskaran Singh Arora v State, NCT of Delhi and Anr., Justice Suresh Kumar Kait, the court decided not to take any action against respondent 2 and referred to a similar case of Danish Ali v. State and Anr. in Crl. M.C. 1727/2019, for false complaint under section 376 of IPC.

Delhi HC Allows Pension to Non-Commissioned Defense Officers on Pro-Rata Basis

In the case of Brijlal Kumar and ors. v. UOI and ors., Justice Asha Menon and Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw ruled that officers of defense forces who are non-commissioned are entitled to pro-rata pension, which was only given to commissioned officers.

Delhi High Court Dismisses Petition in Interim Maintenance Matter: Found No Proof for Interference

In the case of Amit Dhiman v Boski Dhiman, Justice Manoj Kumar Ohri found no ground to interfere in order passed by the family court regarding maintenance and dismissed the petition in absence of proof that showed respondent was earning which made her ineligible for receiving any maintenance. Court also stated that there’s a difference between ‘capable of earning’ and ‘actual earning’.

Delhi HC: Retention of Dishonest Government Employee Will Send Wrong Signals

In the case of Sunil Kumar Yadav v Union of India and ORS. Justice Asha Menon held that if a government employee is dishonest, who kept smuggled gold in his possession and for such seizure, he did not make any reports to his superiors. Retention of such employees in service will send inappropriate messages.

Amendment Allowed by Delhi HC in the Statement of Defense in the Case of Equitable Set-Off

In the case of Lt. Col. H. S. Bedi Retired and Anr. v STCI Finance Limited, Mr. Justice V. Kameshwar Rao, observed that rejection, if done, the substantive rights of the petitioners will be decided and the petitioners cannot in the future, claim any relief as petitioners have sought for in form of an amendment. Accordingly, the Court allowed the petition for incorporating amendments subject to Rs. 1,00,000/- payment to the respondent.

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