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$90 USD / giờ
Cờ của INDIA
kolkata, india
$90 USD / giờ
Hiện ở đây đang là 11:59 CH
Đã tham gia vào tháng 10 26, 2008
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Bodhisatta B.


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$90 USD / giờ
Cờ của INDIA
kolkata, india
$90 USD / giờ
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Dynamic, Customized, Highly Effective writing

My Mission Statement:- Offering Highly Effective Solution with Specialized Writing in Any form of media. My strength lies in English language proficiency. Ability of intensive and extensive research before producing an article, and producing a near-perfect article is my forte. My ability of production of keyword-rich insightful articles, with a sharp focus on the client's requirement, will offer a highly advantageous solution to you. I shall place emphasis on the time schedule, which will be thoroughly discussed and agreed upon mutually with the client, before initiating the project work. My Vision Statement: - I present my 14+ years of experience of working on a vast area of web content for offering highly effective writing solution. My specialized skill-set shall offer relevant, concise and reader-centric content production to you. Keeping in sync with today's knowledge-driven market, I pay considerable attention to research on which I produce my content. Thereby, research on social media platforms and Google, among other options, always form the backbone of my content. As such, I can bring unique advantage to your assignment with extensive and expansive knowledge in thorough research, and result-oriented content production. My focused, customer-oriented and one hundred percent unique article shall offer highly effective solution to your assignment. My objective is to offer one Complete Writing Solution in Content & Feature Writing, Developing and Editing with the assistance of Specialized Knowledge. My service will include Specialized writing, Producing and Developing the best quality Content, Editing, Organizing and publishing of the same within a short deadline. My service will include excellent inter personal skills. As a team player, I shall be unhesitating in working hard. Feedback & Endorsement - I shall appreciate if the clients leave honest feedback about my work and recommend me provided that they are satisfied with my performance. I, as well, shall be leaving honest feedback for the clients if I am satisfied. I shall be expecting feedback/s on regular interval/s during the course of a project. The clients, as well, can expect regular updates about the work from me. General Availability - I shall be available from Monday to Friday for 8 hours each day. The time span, however, may not be a consecutive one. The time schedule is always flexible for me to offer the best possible solution to the client.

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Web Editor, VA, SM Marketeer

UpWork Global Inc.
thg 1 2015 - Hiện tại
Experience of working on both oDesk Corp. as well as the Elance has immensely assisted me in transitioning to the UpWork, the market leader in freelancing work. Ever since its inception, I have been attached to this platform and successfully completed numerous projects on diverse verticals.

Web Editor

oDesk Corp.
thg 3 2009 - Hiện tại
At oDesk, my job allows me producing numerous articles on various axes as and when demanded by service buyers.

Citizen Journalist / Independent Contributor

Digital Journal Inc.
thg 11 2008 - Hiện tại
Produced 227 articles while working as Citizen Journalist with Digital Journal Inc. One of my articles here, has influenced Emirates Airline, the eighth-largest airline in the world in terms of international passengers, to change policy;sc=0&local=

Học vấn


University of Calcutta, India 2003 - 2005
(2 năm)


University of Calcutta, India 2000 - 2003
(3 năm)

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