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.NET C Programming C# Programming OCR Software Architecture
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$40 USD / giờ
tbilisi, georgia
$40 USD / giờ
Hiện ở đây là 5:47 CH
Đã tham gia vào ngày tháng 6 12, 2011
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Archil G.


4,9 (33 nhận xét)
$40 USD / giờ
tbilisi, georgia
$40 USD / giờ
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Top Developer in AI, ML, DS, BI, DBA, ERP, IoT

SERVICES: ✓ Machine learning and AI ✓ Image Processing, Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, OCR ✓ Video processing ✓ Face Recognition and Biometrics ✓ Data science and BI ✓ Database administration ✓ Software architecture, standards, coding policies, unit and acceptance tests ✓ Algorithms, math and cryptography ✓ Cryptocurrencies ✓ ERPs (MS Dynamics, Odoo, Sage etc.) ✓ Linux admin ✓ Embedded systems developer TECHNOLOGIES COVERED: ✓ C\C++, C#, Assembly, Python ✓ SQL Server, MySQL, PgSQL, MongoDB ✓ Keras, Tensorflow, SK, Caffe ✓ FFmpeg, Libav ✓ OpenCV, EmguCV ✓ Tesseract, Abbyy Finereader, Ocropus ✓ SS(I,A,R)S, Tableau ✓ Matlab, Octave, R ✓ Agile, Scrum, Git, SVN, Jira, TFS ✓ LPIC-2 Certified engineer
Freelancer C# Programmers Georgia

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Mục portfolio

VNet is a ventilation network simulator designed to assist personnel in the planning of underground ventilation systems. Adapted from VnetPC, VNet aims to be the most user-friendly, economical choice in the industry for ventilation planning.

VNet provides a numerical simulation of a subsurface ventilation network based on mine layouts, airway dimensions or measured resistances, and the location and characteristic curves of fans. VNet provides visual and tabular results including:

    Branch Airflows
    Frictional Pressure Drops
    Airway Resistance
    Air Power Losses in Airways
    Ventilation Cost of Each Airway
    Fan Operating Points (Pressures and Airflows)
    Duties of Required Regulators and Booster Fans
ventilation network simulator
The software was intended to monitor security devices (Various alarm systems for burglar detection, fire, gas etc.) It was worked with GSM and GPRS and software was sending and receiving SMS messages from various clients. 

Software was developed using .NET C#, SQL Server and third party libraries for software.
Monitoring Security Devices
Arbot PRO is a automatic robot roulette working with certain strategies. It worked with martingales, Markov chains, Forecasting stuff. It was developed in .NET WPF and WCF.
Arbot Pro
Project was intended for small microfinance companies for loan and mortgage development. Project has more than 10 types of loan included. Developed with .NET C#, WPF, WCF, SQL Server and Entity Framework.
Solution for microfinance companies.
Medical reports was developed for San Antonio Regional Hospital. Medical reports were developed for SSRS using local standards.
Medical Reports
Medical reports was developed for San Antonio Regional Hospital. Medical reports were developed for SSRS using local standards.
Medical Reports
Medical reports was developed for San Antonio Regional Hospital. Medical reports were developed for SSRS using local standards.
Medical Reports
Hi. in 2013 I developed a charity application in EzReferral network. Solution was provided using ASP.NET webforms and SQL Server. Site had 10 pages with interactive controls.
Charity of EzReferral network.

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$210,00 USD
Excellent provider. did work on time and efficiently ;)
Cờ của Url D. @urldreamer
1 tháng trước
$50,00 USD
He worked with his best to solve the matters. I will work with him for next project, too. perfect.
Python Linux Mac OS Shell Script Ubuntu
Cờ của Ted K. @TedKim1000
7 tháng trước
$123,00 USD
Unfortunately, this freelancer cld not complete the task.
Linux C++ Programming OpenGL OpenCL
Avatar người dùng
Cờ của Ronald Hendrik V. @RonvanHerk
9 tháng trước
$100,00 USD
recommend him for future projects
Avatar người dùng
Cờ của Mohammed A. @maakingsl
11 tháng trước
$1.000,00 USD
Excellent job done. Great to work with.
Cờ của Zhongtao L. @CapsioMichaelLi
1 năm trước

Kinh nghiệm

Senior Information officer

Alternate Security
thg 6 2011 - thg 6 2013 (2 năm)
Alternate Security is a largest provider of security services in Georgia. ✓ Led a team which was responsible for developing internal programs. ✓ Developed security applications, equipment management and control systems, surveillance programs.

Chief Information Officer

Euro-Food LTD
thg 3 2010 - thg 3 2011 (1 năm)
Euro-Food LTD was foods and beverages distribution company. One of the largest in Georgia. I was CIO there. Job description: ✓ Maintained Office IT infrastructure. Worked with Windows and Linux infrastructure. ✓ Developed domain specific applications such as beverage expire date calculator, POS application, CRM application etc. ✓ Integrated solutions such as PDA POS application, Integrating PDA with accounting and operations software, Revenue service software integration etc.

Software developer

thg 3 2009 - thg 2 2010 (11 tháng, 1 ngày)
RSG LTD was development company. ✓ Maintained accounting, distribution, payroll, ERP and CRM project in programm ✓ Led team from 4 programmers.

Học vấn

Bachelor in Mathematics

Ivane Javahišvilis Sakhelobis Tbilisis Sakhelmtsipo Universiteti, Georgia 2005 - 2009
(4 năm)

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