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$25 USD / giờ
Cờ của INDIA
sri ganganagar, india
$25 USD / giờ
Hiện ở đây đang là 12:36 CH
Đã tham gia vào tháng 5 15, 2013
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Balvinder S.


5,0 (256 nhận xét)
$25 USD / giờ
Cờ của INDIA
sri ganganagar, india
$25 USD / giờ
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DevOps Engineer ( Linux / Windows & Cloud )

As Linux Server Administrator i am having 7+ plus years of working experience in System Builds, OS Installs, Application Installs, Performance Tuning, Backup / Recovery, Networking, Storage, Capacity Planning and Automation on Linux Servers. I am moving forward to DevOps Engineer by expending my skills to docker, kubernetes, ansible, jenkins, CI/CD ( Continuous integration / continuous delivery ) etc. Major work experience in the following fileds :- - Linux System Administration - Database Administration - Network Administration - Hosting Administration - Email Administration - Cloud Engineer - AWS Engineer - DevOps Engineer - Project Management - Security Expert - Web Hosting - Web Developent

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$249,00 AUD
Excellent completion time, did exactly what was required and graciously answered questions from a new user unaccustomed to AWS
Amazon Web Services
Cờ của Peter J.
3 năm trước
$149,00 USD
Thank you Balvinder. Look forward to working with you again. THX
Google Cloud Platform
Avatar người dùng
Cờ của Andrew S.
4 năm trước
₹1.000,00 INR
Very knowledgeable Freelancer . Thank you.
System Admin
Thêm 1
Avatar người dùng
Cờ của Darvin V.
4 năm trước
$30,00 USD
Very accurate to find the issue and solve it very fast also. Thanks a lot bro .. will hire him again for sure
System Admin
Web Hosting
Avatar người dùng
Cờ của Thomas H.
4 năm trước
$30,00 USD
he is best freelancer ever!! 5 stars !!!
System Admin
Thêm 1
Cờ của Hyoungmin K.
4 năm trước

Kinh nghiệm

Server Administartor

thg 7 2016 - Hiện tại
From now i am working full time as Server Administrator @Freelancer.

Sr. System Administrator

Xicom Technologies Ltd.
thg 10 2015 - thg 6 2016 (8 tháng, 1 ngày)
System administration of 50+ servers (Red Hat, Centos,OpenSuse,Ubuntu). Worked with OpenFire Internal messenger tool. Configured Tripwire for monitoring files. Worked with Git,Svn version control system. Created bash script for Automated backup of servers and monitoring servers. Worked on VMware vSphere Hypervisor Virtualization. Worked with Git,Svn version control system. Server Optimization with different application. Performance Tuning for Wordpress,Magento based websites.

Linux Server Admin

EmizenTech Pvt. Ltd.
thg 3 2014 - thg 9 2015 (1 năm, 6 tháng)
System administration of 30+ servers (Red Hat, Centos,OpenSuse,Ubuntu). Installation of different types of linux Distro with ftp/http/network installation. Shell Scripting (Bash). Worked with OpenFire Internal messenger tool. Package installation Using “Yum” ,”rpms”,”Zypper” and “Source”. Worked with Sendmail,iRedMail,Exim,Postfix mail server. Configuring apache web servers, SSLs,Php. Worked with Mysql Performance Tuning. Monitoring servers using Nagios open source tool.

Học vấn

Master of Technology

India 2012 - 2014
(2 năm)

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science

India 2008 - 2012
(4 năm)

Bằng cấp

Gate 2012

IIT Delhi - 110016
The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an all-India examination that primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science. GATE is conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and the seven Indian Institutes of Technology (Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Roorkee) on behalf of the National Coordination Board – GATE, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India.

Nội dung đã đăng

A Steganography Algorithm for Hiding Secret Message inside Image using Random Key

"Steganography” is a Greek origin word which means “hiding writing”. The steganography word is classified into two parts: Steganos means “secret or covered”(where you want to hide the secret messages) and graphic means “writing”(Text). This paper introduces a new approach for least significant Bit (LSB) based on image steganography that enhances the existing LSB substitution techniques to improve the security of hidden information.

An Efficient Text Steganography using Digit Arithmetic

Elsevier (AETACS2013) [ ]
This paper presents text steganography approach based on mathematical calculation and rearrangement of text. In this approach we are doing simple mathematical calculation with the digits of ascii code of each character just by using simple addition and subtraction which is very fast.

PDAC(Parallel Encryption with Digit Arithmetic of Cover Text) Based Text Steganography

Elsevier (AETACS2013) [ ]
This paper presents an efficient text steganography approach based on simple mathematical calculation and parallelism. In this approach we are doing simply addition and subtraction with the digits of ascii code of each character of cover text and then this new digits will use to encrypt our plaintext. For enhancing the performance of our algorithm we use parallelism for encryption.

A Hybrid Approach for Characters Recognition in License plate Recognition System

Elsevier (AETACS2013) [ ]
Automatic license plate identification has many application in traffic system like electronic toll collection, custom check points. License plate recognition basically has three steps: license plate detection, segmentation of character and plate character recognition. In the first step of number plate identification system we use vertical projection method and edge detection method for number plate detection.

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