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$30 USD / giờ
rawalpindi, pakistan
$30 USD / giờ
Hiện ở đây là 6:02 SA
Đã tham gia vào ngày tháng 3 13, 2012
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Zahid N.


4,8 (6 nhận xét)
$30 USD / giờ
rawalpindi, pakistan
$30 USD / giờ
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iOS & macOS Developer

Provide High Quality iOS, MacOS App Development Services and IT Solutions! I am an highly effective and reliable person able to meet the job requirements and agreed deadlines. I follow good agile practices to provide excellent results in time and build continuous and productive communication.
Freelancer Balsamiq Designers Pakistan

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Nhận xét

Đã lưu thay đổi
Hiện 1 - 5 trong số 6 nhận xét
Lọc nhận xét theo: 4,8
$2.627,00 USD
Zahid was very patient with us, even when we had problems with the company he was very cooperative.
PHP JavaScript Mobile App Development iPhone Android
Cờ của Chaabane B. @SYSSOLTECH
3 năm trước
$64,90 USD
C Programming Balsamiq C++ Programming Apple Watch
Thêm 1
Cờ của Maximiliaan D. @devloomax
5 năm trước
€175,00 EUR
Zahid is a very skilled iOS and MacOS developer who helped me build a beautiful ticketing app for both my Macbook and iPad. It has helped me tremendously in managing my repairs which pleased the customers as well.
C Programming Balsamiq C++ Programming Apple Watch
Thêm 1
Cờ của Kursad K. @ThePhoneLab
5 năm trước
€250,00 EUR
Zahid is an excellent developer who really takes time to listen to my demands and carefully executes everything. He's always ready to respond to my questions and explains every software related issue very clearly.
Windows Desktop Software Architecture Cocoa Mac OS Objective C
Cờ của Kursad K. @ThePhoneLab
5 năm trước
$250,00 USD
He is a very creative freelancer who will help you in giving advice and he does his work as promised. Very nice to work with him!
C Programming Balsamiq C++ Programming Apple Watch
Thêm 1
Cờ của Kursad K. @ThePhoneLab
5 năm trước

Kinh nghiệm

Senior iOS Developer

Mauqa Online
thg 6 2018 - Hiện tại
I've added new functionalities & user-stories in the existing app. A lot of integrations were accomplished including RemoteConfig, Firebase Analytics, In-App chat, Dynamic Links, Deep linking. REST APIs hooking, JSON request response. Bug fixes & enhancements. Bi-weekly sprint planning according to business requirements & task maintaining at Codebase.

iOS Developer

thg 12 2016 - thg 5 2018 (1 năm, 5 tháng)
Was part of a large development team where I learnt implementation of UI in different ways i.e. storyboards, XIBs & programatically, Autolayout, Remote Notifications handling, Animations, Pods Management & Version Control. Some of the projects I worked on are Ezy PhotoVault (to keep personal material private inside the app with different exciting features) & a social networking app.

Học vấn

BS-CS (Bachelors in Computer Science)

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan 2012 - 2016
(4 năm)

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