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Dari is a dialect of the Persian language spoken primarily in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, and it is one of two official languages in Afghanistan. A Dari Translator is someone who can accurately translate documents from English to Dari and vice versa. They have an understanding of the language and culture, possess creative and critical thinking skills, are adept in research, and have a strong understanding of many technical subjects.

Knowing these languages and being able to translate between them allows businesses to interact with new markets, as communication between different cultures and economic models broadens their customer base. A Dari translator understands the nuances of the language to help companies successfully complete their market research or bridge communication gaps.

Here's some projects that our expert Dari Translator made real:

  • Copy-editing or creating translations for legal documents, medical records and psychometric tests
  • Rewriting articles from English to Dari
  • Translating basic phrases to answer customer inquiries
  • Summarizing data from surveys for reports
  • Interpreting presentations at business meetings

Dari translators are valuable additions to any team who are looking to expand their customer base by communicating with customers who speak the language. If you’re looking for a translator who excels in translating a variety of documents accurately and quickly, post your project today and hire a Dari translator on

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