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Industrial engineering is the study of automation methods in production of goods and services. It is a specialized factory skill used by engineers. If you need help with Industrial Engineering and automation you can use the services offered by our freelancers. Start by posting your project. Thuê Industrial Engineers

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    40 page paper in ( Micro-computer based Decision Tools (Risk in specific) ). attached an example and the rubric

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    Here I am share the model of our experiment and and experimental data ( laboratory data) our main aim is experiment is completely comparison between practical values(we got it from laboratory., I already shared in Excel sheet., Load vs displacement) and Numerical Valus from the software ( now our work extract a values from a MSC marc mentat software., Load vs displacement) and with this practical values and numerical analysis Valus we need to draw a graph the graph denotes % of error between numerical and practical data. ( our work is create a graph with numerical results but the graph is lie in between the practical values of garph ) here my point of view " in a single lap joint the work piece properties we can't able to change them the only one parameter we can able to change ...

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    industrial engineering OR 4 ngày left

    Airline crew scheduling problem formulation

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    Hi I need someone how can use software simense plant simulation to help with my project. For more details please contact me.

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    Gharieni Mfg. 2 ngày left

    Start-up Manufacturing Business looking for help to updating drawings and Mfg. processes.

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    You all are working as occupational health and safety chief inspectors. You are preparing an inspection document, to be used by inspectors in your team. The document should provide the necessary information for an inspector to successfully inspect the site (in this case the 6 topics on site, see below). Provide: - a description of the site / person / manufacturing line / etc. you will inspect. - an overview of the current safety level in the given industry (current status) - a list of elements you are going to inspect (pick 6 topics to inspect, e.g. machine, process, emergency preparedness plan, etc.) For each topic on this list, provide. * the complete risk assessment (use the safety elements excel sheet) * the reference to the legal requirement to be met (act, law, regulation...

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    I am looking for desander unit designer for high pressure Oil and Gas coming out of oil well. Sands are 50 to 250 micron and we need fully filtered oil. We have a project and need to design an equipment this is filteration unit for removing sand from fluid (oil and gas) coming out of oil well

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