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Usability testing is testing a product by testing it on actual users or a representative group of users. Users give input as real users of the system in order to improve the software or product in question. Usability testing can be conducted for various consumer products, web sites or software applications also. If your business needs help with usability testing, you can hire freelance experts who have talent and experience in usability testing. Start by posting a job today!
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Project for Reena B. Hi Reena B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 Thử tính khả dụng, Google Earth, , Phát triển ứng dụng Salesforce, Lưu trữ dữ liệu, Selenium Webdriver Jun 23, 2018 Hôm nay9n 7g $250
Software Testing POS Desktop Application Hi, Knowledge of Black Box. It is a POS system for Retail Stores. Looking for a freelancer with experience testing POS. Thanks. 39 Kiểm tra/QA, Kiểm tra phần mềm, Kiểm tra kỹ thuật tự động, Thử tính khả dụng Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 20185n 10g $11
Web Site Testing Need some one from USA only for test my web site , small flow , and small performance testing , need to be with MAC laptop 26 Kiểm tra/QA, Kiểm tra phần mềm, Thử nghiệm trang web, Thử tính khả dụng Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20184n 4g $26
VA for App Project, Business Plan, QA and testing Virtual Assist with - Web/Phone App Quality Testing, Research, Communication processing and documentation. Paid once Weekly, no discussion until NDA is signed. 29 Kiểm tra/QA, Kế hoạch kinh doanh, Thử nghiệm trang web, Thử tính khả dụng, Quản lý website Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20183n 22g $31
I need Penetration Tester for given IP address Hello I am looking for someone who can do the following: Access into a given IP address & get as many information as you could get such as: i. Location of the IP Address ii. Hops connecting to the IP Address iii. Application or System connected to the given IP address iv. Owner of the IP Addres ***I am not looking for information IP LOOKUP website. Provide me more other details*** I am looki... 13 Kiểm tra/QA, Kiến trúc phần mềm, Kiểm tra phần mềm, Thử nghiệm trang web, Thử tính khả dụng Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20183n 20g $171
E-commerce Website Usability Test Challenge: Find errors and unexpected behaviour on our website, Help us identify what is not working properly on a user perspective. You should test exploratorily and focus on the functionality. The purpose of this contest is for us to try out the concept of letting freelancers help with the bug hunt. The freelancer who can find and present the most errors in the best way will be... 6 Debugging, Kiểm tra/QA, Thử tính khả dụng, UX Design, Thử nghiệm trang web Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20182n 21g $200
application testing UAE MOBILE APP tester/testers for android and ios in the countries of UAE and china are needed to do testing for an app. 35 Kiểm tra/QA, Giao diện người dùng/IA, Thử tính khả dụng Jun 18, 2018 Jun 18, 20181n 3g $11
Need help testing Google Cloud Vision API I have a few photos I want to run through Googles Cloud Vision API to test and see if it would make sense for a project I have in mind There are tutorials on Youtube as to how to get the API working, I believe its simple to use. I just don't know how to get it working. Thank you! 16 Java, Kiểm tra/QA, Kiểm tra phần mềm, Kiểm tra kỹ thuật tự động, Thử tính khả dụng Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 201814g 16t $23
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