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It\'s just the logo of the game. The actual logo is a mesh, 3d model and I wrote the shader in CG (C for graphics) which uses several textures mixing them and applying normal, specular and lights map, so it looks cool and realistic. Shader is probably not as efficient as it could have been, it\'s a pixel-based shader, so it does require a decent 3d video card.

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I'm actually a system engineer and have built numerous information systems based on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP often using RAD frameworks like CakePHP, ZF and such for back-end development and Ajax through jQuery for front-end). Sometimes I used Backbone, Bootstrap and such for front end. I have great knowledge in 3D Rendering, 3D Modeling, Texturing / Skinning and Rigging as well, since I developed many 3D games in the past. I will prove to be beneficial for your projects in the areas of ActionScript (only AS3 nowadays, AS2 is obsolete) and Animation, I can work as ActionScript Programmer and Animation Animator as well as Game Designer. I also have good C Programming skills and I'm also a very experienced C++ Programming Developer. Also as far as Unity game development goes, it's much simpler than developing in OGRE, for example. I'm a C++ veteran, so I've developed games in OpenGL and C++ for years, developing games in Unity is simpler, but complex games don't run as smoothly on Unity than games developed in C++, due to obvious reasons. Still, Unity is currently very popular. HTML5 games and apps are what I do as well, since I'm good in Javascript, jQuery and CSS. I make both, canvas 2D and WebGL 3D games. I am available for your service at any time, but can only work part-time and will complete the given task on time. I am ready to be hired by you. Can work on weekends as well to make up for the part-time limitation, so it's often close enough to full time engagement. In any case, if I bid on your project I'll be fully dedicated to it until it's finished. Check reviews and feedback other project owners gave me, don't trust a single word I'm saying here. Samples you can find on my website are my personal game development projects, something I did in my spare time, I cannot show what I did for others, it's my policy and also some of the projects are NDA protected, but I treat all projects as protected and private. Those games I did in my spare time and placed on my website were enough so far for any serious employer/client. Samples are now very old, mostly Flash, there are a few done in C/C++ but I didn't had the time so far to make samples in Unity 2D/3D and HTML5 2D/3D because I'm busy making games for others and still prefer to do freelancing in my spare time rather than to make samples for my website. I did so many diametrically different projects during past 15 years or so that I can't even list them all here and who know how many of them I don't even remember. IMPORTANT: I only expect one thing from employer/client - to provide project description. Project description means you're providing details that will enable someone, who don't have a clue what you want, to understand to the fullest and complete to the tiniest details. Mind reading is not one of my skills, so if you don't provide project description, but instead some vague overview that requires guessing, I most likely won't be able to work for you, it would be a waste of time for both sides. If your project is a secret, then require NDA, but you still need to have details prepared. Someone who doesn't have detailed project description ready most likely don't even know what he/she wants.

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