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Using Flutter to build iOS and Android apps 

Developing a hybrid application will save you from having to hire two different platform developers for your project. In this post we show you how.
17 thg 3, 2020 • 6 phút đọc
Ảnh bìa

Learn how using Flutter can help you create dynamic hybrid applications

There are over 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world today.
Nearly half of the population of the earth is using smartphones. Smartphones have actively managed to change almost every facet of the modern world. 
Business owners now need to actively rethink the way they approach business strategy. Conventional websites are no longer sufficient to connect with smartphone users. Companies must have a much more direct connection with their audiences. 
Smartphone applications are the best way to reach out to your audience and build a direct connection. Unlike websites, apps are much more direct because they provide users the ability to proactively utilize your services. 
The development of smartphone apps can be complicated because the smartphone world is segregated into two major categories; iPhone users and Android users. This makes it essential for companies to adapt their digital services to accommodate for both user segments.
The most common solution is to develop two separate applications for iOS and Android, but that's not a very cost effective solution since you'll need to hire two different develoepers for the one project.
A more cost effective approach is to hire a single developer that can build your app for all mobile platforms using a single code base. This is also know as a hybrid app.

What are hybrid applications?

Hybrid applications are applications that allow cross-platform functionality by combing features of multiple platforms and ensuring compatibility across multiple different platforms. Hybrid applications are the ideal choice for creating applications that run on multiple different operating systems due to their innate cross-functionality feature.  
However, most hybrid applications can feel limited in terms of customizability and functional abilities. This is the biggest limitation of most hybrid application development languages. However, Flutter has undoubtedly transformed the landscape for hybrid application development. 

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a development SDK from Google, which allows the development of applications for both Android and iOS. The project is an open-source initiative and transforms the way developers can approach the development process. The language is rapidly growing into one of the most popular development languages in the world thanks to its actively growing community and simplified cross-platform development features. By using flutter, developers can easily develop hybrid applications while having the freedom to express their creativity and tailor the application to the specific needs of the application. 

What sets Flutter apart?

Flutter is rapidly growing to become one of the most popular development frameworks in Silicon Valley thanks to its monumental growth. Applications developed in Flutter are rapidly going on to become some of the most popular applications in application stores. So, what is the secret behind the rapid growth of the framework?
Well, for starters, Google is actively backing the development framework and is adding to the libraries and support mechanisms available for the development of the framework. Aside from this major endorsement, here are some of the biggest reasons why Flutter might be the next big thing.

Solid Language Core 

Flutter is developed using C, C++, Dark, Skia, Android, and iOS. These are all extremely technically sound languages in their own right. The combination of reliance on these languages makes Flutter an extremely technically sound framework. 

Multiple Platform Coverage

Most Hybrid application development platforms are purely limited to either Windows or iOS. Flutter goes above and beyond by adding coverage of the following development platforms.

Extensive tooling

Flutter provides extensive tooling support to facilitate the development process. Tool support is available for Android Studio and Visual Studio which are two of the biggest IDE’s in the world for the development of Mobile Applications. 

Firebase API assistance

Flutter provides extensive support for the integration of databases through the assistance it provides on the Firebase API. This is one of the most commonly used databased related applications, proving to be a major asset for Flutter. 

Extensive Documentation

Extensive documentation ensures that you have comprehensive guides available on every topic. This helps streamline the development process as you have active support about any questions or queries you might have throughout the development process.

Active Google updates

Being backed by the biggest tech company in the world is a massive advantage. Google is rapidly adding to the resources available throughout the development process with Flutter. This is helping increase the coverage area for Flutter and improve the existing coverage of the framework. 

Easy to learn

Flutter is one of the easiest programming languages to learn thanks to its reliance on Dart. Dart is primarily one of the simplest languages to learn due to its linguistic similarity to the English language in contrast to the purely technical approach of other development languages.

Simple setup

Flutter makes it easy to get started because of its compatibility with low-end development systems. Most frameworks require extensive high-end development hardware and software to get started with the development process. Flutter is way simpler in terms of requirements. This simple setup ensures that you can get started with flutter development without having to spend thousands on your hardware setup.  
Thanks to all of the aspects shared above, there is a compelling argument present in favor of Flutter as the choice of framework for business owners to get started with the development process. However, it is important to be aware of some shortcomings as well to make the best decision.

Shortcomings of Flutter

Even though Flutter is one of the best options for application development, here are some shortcomings that you should take into consideration before making your decision.
Flutter is an emerging framework hence it is really limited in terms of the current libraries and available content options. 
Flutter is limited to mobile applications and does not have support for web browsers, which is a major limitation in terms of its hybrid capabilities. 
Putting aside the minor shortcoming, as a whole, the framework is a great choice for business owners to get started with application development and develop hybrid applications for their company. By choosing the framework, you get to have an insight into the development process with the active support from an active community of developers.
However, because of the technical nature of the framework, you'll need to hire professionals to help you with your development. 

Hiring a Flutter developer

There are many different options for hiring a Flutter developer. The best option should effectively meet each of these essential conditions:

Quick time to hire

Your chosen Flutter developer should be hired as quickly as possible, ideally within minutes. 
This will ensure you keep progressing through your business goals at a competitive pace. 

Efficient communications

There is nothing more frustrating than communication delays. Ideally, you should speak directly with your Flutter developer without passing through a third party. 

Cost efficient 

Since we are currently at the cusp of another recession, your Flutter development solution should be cost effective. You should always have the option of expanding your business strategies with new development projects in the future without worrying about pricing.
There are three main options for hiring Flutter developers:
Development agency
Through a recruiter

Hiring freelance Flutter developers

Hiring a freelance Flutter developer is a good option. This solution meets all of the essential conditions outlined above:

Freelance Flutter developers can be hired within minutes

Simply post a Flutter development project and the Flutter developers will come to you!  

Freelancer Flutter developers communicate efficiently

By hiring a freelancer you will be communicating directly with the your developer, and because they are working on a platform specifically developed for client engagement, you can rest assured that you will always stay informed. 

Freelance Flutter developers are cost efficient

Since they are not considered employees you don't need to pay for benefits and you're not obliged to keep them on board all year. Simply hire them on a project by project basis. It's a great way to strategically scale your operations while keeping your overheads nice and low. 

Hire a qualified Flutter developer for your project

Explore the best talent from thousands of active developers that are working across the clock to deliver the best results. Execute your hybrid applications to perfection by hiring the right Freelance Flutter developer today!
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