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.Net 4.x Grid table with filters by displayed columns and edit records (full pop-up overlay the Grid))


Using .Net 4.x, code reusable Grid (MS's .Net Grid) that allows users to filter the displayed records by the displayed columns and edit selected records with a full pop-up that overlays the Grid.


Backend database is MS SQL Server 2008 R2, web server is IIS with .Net 4/x support. Modern browsers.

Cannot use 3rd party libs. Must use C#, .Net 4.X as clean-install "VISUAL WEB DEVELOPER 2010 EXPRESS" from [url removed, login to view]


- Be callable with the table name as a parameter [dbo].[tblName], so that this can be used to maintain any table, with specified behavior below.

- Be able to be placed anywhere on a .Net screen, such as tabs.

- Allow user to filter displayed results on all displayed Grid columns. Filters must allow wildcard (incomplete matches). Filter must be either immediately above or below column names.

- Must include button "Clear All Filters" or equivalent\

- Must Refesh Grid displayed results after user makes filter entries.

Value-add optional:

- Include drop-down of unique column values from the table vs. user-keyed filter criter.

- Configure Grid refresh behavior when user keys filter values for columns. Eitehr instant per keystroke, or by button to "Apply" filters.

*Do not make Apply and Clear Buttons overlap - each must be distinct.

By called parameter class/function behavior will :

- Be able to Edit the record, and update based on VARCHAR record key

- Be able to Update the record, and INSERT a new record, where the record key will be pre-supplied as the function is called .

- By default use the table field's names as Grid column header AND on-screen field labels for pop-up editing. Allow an array of names to be passed

Passed parameters:

1) VARCHAR [table name]

2) VARCHAR [new record unique key]

3) Array {VARCHAR}: Field Names from table to display on Grid and edit in pop-up.

When this array (parameter 3) is empty, the behavior defaults to show/edit all fields fromt he named table (parameter 1).

4) LONG: Initial rows to show in Grid. Null defaults to 10 rows.

5) Type?: Allowed Edit|Save, a security measure. Default allow view-only of the Grid. Select/Edit/Save buttons grey or not visible.

6) Array {VARCHAR}: Strings for; Title at top of Grid; Help Instructions.

- Display Title If present, esle defautl to "Tabble: <tablename>"

- Diplsay Help if user clicks on small Button with "Help?" or similiar image/gif.

7) Type?: Defines refresh behaviors for these situations;

- If Grid received focus, is the Grid updated? (Default: Yes)

- If the Grid is pagged, is the rst refreshed (updates from Sever) (Default: Yes)


Proof of usability:

You must send me a web link to a site where this Grid+Record Editor is running. Use any test tables.

Kĩ năng: .NET, Lập trình C#, Java, Silverlight, SQL

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