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FEMALE full-spectrum editor for the hottest upcoming women’s health optimisation podcast (ZENCASTR EXPERIENCE PREFERRED)

€18-36 EUR / hour

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€18-36 EUR / hour

Are you a female with a passion for biohacking and healthy living, especially when it comes to women's health? I'm seeking someone just like you to join me on an exciting journey in podcasting. As the host of a health optimization podcast focusing on women, I've got the content covered – now I need your expertise to take it from recording to publication and beyond. Help Needed: I require comprehensive assistance with every step of the podcasting process. From preparation, editing, transcription (with AI tools), producing show notes and publishing episodes to crafting effective marketing (clips, articles, social posts, content repurposing) tailored to our female, educated layperson audience, your role will be crucial in engaging and expanding our listener base. I want someone who not only understands the subject matter deeply but can also convey that understanding to our audience. Specifically: • Audio Editing – adding intro and outro, removing uhms and ahs and long pauses (with Zencastr AI tool) • Podcast Host Uploading, Publishing and Scheduling • Transcripts (with Zencastr/Otter) • Show Notes (with Otter) • SEO-optimised title and episode description (with Otter/ChatGPT) • AI video snippets production (with Zencastr AI tool) • Social media posting and scheduling (Zencastr can help with some of this) • ID3 tagging Key Requirements: - Passionate and Experienced: You must be a female with a strong, demonstrable interest in biohacking and healthy living. Experience in bringing podcasts from post-recording to publishing and marketing is essential. - Understanding of Female Audience: Demonstrated experience working with female, educated laypersons looking to optimize their health is a must. You should be adept at diving deep into relevant subject matters and engaging this specific demographic. - Portfolio: Showcasing your previous work is vital. Please provide examples of podcasts you've worked on, especially those targeting similar audiences. - Capacity and Timeline: I aim to release 2-3 episodes per month. One episode will be a detailed discussion lasting 45-90 minutes (although most will be 45-60 mins), while the other two will be shorter interviews with startups in the health space (usually 10-15-20 mins). Please provide your availability/estimated timeframes for delivery and your estimation of net billable hours for each episode type. In addition, while social media posts can be prepared ahead of time, they need to be posted once a week (either manually or with tools) - Long-Term Commitment: I'm looking for a partner for the long haul. Availability and a positive interpersonal relationship are crucial for our ongoing collaboration. - Work-Tracking: We'll use a work-tracking tool to streamline our tasks and ensure smooth progress as well as billable hours. - I will provide more detailed information and guidance if you are selected for the next stage Skills Required: - Fluent English: You must be a native English speaker with impeccable language skills. - Podcasting Expertise: Demonstrable experience in podcast production, editing, and marketing is required. - AI Tools Proficiency: Knowledge of advanced AI tools like ChatGPT for creating show notes, summaries, and optimizing content is strongly preferred. Access to premium tools can be provided if necessary. - Zencastr Knowledge: Familiarity with Zencastr is ideal, as it's our recording platform of choice. Experience with its AI clipping for social media advertisements is a plus. If you're ready to dive deep into the world of women's health optimization and help bring this podcast to life, I want to hear from you! Please apply with your portfolio and relevant experience. Let's make a difference together.
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