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macOS App Swift Developer for In-App Purchases

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₹1000-3000 INR

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I'm in need of a skilled Swift developer with experience in implementing in-app purchases in macOS applications. The application is already built and functioning, but I require assistance in adding a subscription-based in-app purchase feature. Key Requirements: - Have access to the Apple Developer Program and experience in submitting in-app purchase features to the Apple Store - Proficient in Swift, as the application is built using this language - Ability to implement subscription-based in-app purchases seamlessly - Experience in the development of macOS applications and complying with Apple Store guidelines Your responsibilities will include: - Implementing the subscription-based in-app purchase into the existing macOS application - Ensuring the in-app purchase feature is fully operational and integrated - Assisting with the submission and approval process on the Apple Store Note: The subscription content is already prepared, so the focus will primarily be on the technical implementation of the in-app purchase feature. Your expertise and previous experience in this area are crucial. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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As a Swift developer with CTS Cura Tech Solution, I have the expertise and experience required for this project. Firstly, I am well-versed in macOS application development and am familiar with Apple Store guidelines. This ensures that I can integrate the subscription-based in-app purchase into your existing app while ensuring compliance, guaranteeing a smooth and trouble-free submission process. Secondly, my proficiency in Swift is a huge asset as your application was built primarily using this language. I am confident in my ability to seamlessly implement the subscription-based in-app purchases feature you need, even more so since your subscription content is already prepared. Lastly, being a member of the Apple Developer Program, I have full access to the necessary tools and platform to submit and manage in-app purchase features. My previous experience in successfully implementing and submitting in-app purchases means we can navigate this process efficiently and get your app's in-app purchase feature out to users quickly. Let's collaborate on this project and bring your app's monetization game to its highest level!
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Having successfully developed and implemented countless iOS applications with subscription-based in-app purchases, I am confident that my extensive experience and deep knowledge of Swift coding would make me an ideal fit for your macOS application project. I already have access to the Apple Developer Program and have submitted and gained approval for several apps with in-app purchases - ensuring a smooth journey for your app through the review process. I understand the importance of well-integrated, seamless in-app purchases to monetize your app effectively. My track record of providing top-notch, scalable, and user-friendly solutions aligns with your needs perfectly. Additionally, I assure you that compliance with the Apple Store guidelines is always a top priority in my work. I'm an excellent problem solver who's committed to delivering optimal solutions at reasonable costs without compromising on quality. So let's combine my proficiency in implementing subscription-based in-app purchases with your already prepared content to bring out the best features for your macOS application. Let's ensure your users enjoy an amazing experience while making those valuable subscription-based transactions!
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